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The USAFPA is affiliated to the International Federation of International Wrestling Styles (FILA) as an associated member. The USAFPA is the only governing body for Pankration Athlima that is officially recognized by FILA on the American territory and the only Federation that can enter athletes in FILA and World Pankration Athlima Federation sanctioned events. The USAFPA can also participate and vote in the general assemblies of the World Pankration Athlima Committee that was formed by FILA to manage Pankration Athlima on the international level.

As a form of Greek mixed martial arts, Pankration has gained worldwide recognition and has become a very popular form of competition. Our Pankration community is continuing to grow widely throughout the United States, which makes it a very exciting time for everyone involved.

The USA Federation of Pankration Athlima (USAFPA) is an organization that supports all of its members with the pride, discipline, and support to help them reach their full potential in not only the sport of Pankration but also in their day to day lives.

The USAFPA also provides a belt ranking system thats lineage begins directly from Greece and can be added to any current gym's curriculum. USAFPA's belt ranking system not only sets athletes up for success at Pankration competitions, but teaches the history and background of the world's oldest combat sport.


     The only U.S. non profit organization recognized by the WPAF and FILA

The Odyssey, Homer

"There is no greater glory for a man, than
what he achieves by hand and foot."

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